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In Paris, Groupe INSEEC proposes “bac+2” to “bac+5” programs in Management (INSEEC Business School, INSEEC Bachelors, INSEEC MSc & MBA, INSEEC BBA International, Sup Career) and in Communication (Sup de Pub). There are also Executive Education programs (INSEEC Executive, Luxury Attitude & Customer Experience, La Cité des Langues), and all the “post bac” preparation for entrance exam programs of elite schools such as Sciences Po and CELSA (Atout SUP).

Groupe INSEEC schools are all situated in famous and popular parts of central Paris and the group's choices have tried to reflect some of the history of this great capital:


As in the Groupe INSEEC campus in Paris, the campus in Bordeaux offers “bac+2” to ”bac+5” programs in Management and in Communication (INSEEC Business School, INSEEC MSc & MBA, BBA INSEEC-European Business School, Sup de Pub) and also Executive Education (La Cité des Langues).

Created in 1975 in the wine capital of the world, Groupe INSEEC has, over the last 10 years, chosen to develop an educational pole centered on Wine and Spirits Management (INSEEC Wine & Spirits Institution) and today boasts an alumni network of more than 1 150 former students throughout the four corners of the world.

The Group's premises, situated in the former wine business districts, stretch from the Quai des Chartrons to the warehouse district on the Garonne River and are a fitting historical location for our future executives in international business.


The Lyon campus of Groupe INSEEC proposes “bac+2” to “bac+5” programs in Management (INSEEC MSc & MBA, BBA INSEEC-European Business School, INSEEC Business School) and in Communication (INSEEC School of Communication). It is also possible to prepare entrance exams for the elite higher education schools (Atout Sup).

At the beginning of the school year in 2015, Groupe INSEEC moved into the Citroën Building, an economic and commercial symbol of the 1930s and an institution for the people of Lyon. The new 4 700m2 premises, situated in the 7th arrondissement and renamed "New Deal", can welcome up to 3,000 Management students (BBA INSEEC - ECE, INSEEC Business School and INSEEC MSc & MBA). Go to the link to see the new campus in Lyon.


The ESC group in Chambery became INSEEC Alpes-Savoie at the end of 2012 and this new INSEEC campus proposes “bac+3” to “bac+5” Management programs (INSEEC Business School, INSEEC Bachelor Chambéry, INSEEC MSc & MBA, CESNI) and Executive Education (La Cité des Langues).

The Chambery campus is situated in Technolac, a technology business park grouping together 230 companies and 21 research centers, thereby offering students a wide range of opportunities to evolve in dynamic and innovative local companies.

The school is not far from the prestigious French Alpine ski resorts (Les 3 Vallées) and Groupe INSEEC has seized this geographical advantage and strengthened its Sports Management and Mountain Tourism programs.


London's economic dynamics and exciting professional opportunities make it a perfect location for a Groupe INSEEC campus and INSEEC offers Finance, Management and Communication programs close to the city center, between Oxford Street and Regent's park. In this lively and trendy neighbourhood, INSEEC has modern premises and high tech equipment namely a video room for the Arts branch.

In December 2014, a business incubator will open in the London campus premises and will help students to develop their business projects.

Go to the link to visit the London campus website.


The International University of Monaco campus (a partner of Groupe INSEEC) offers Bachelor programs, Masters programs in Marketing and International Management, specialization programs in Luxury Management, and an AMBA accredited MBA. A blended learning DBA program was launched in November 2014 and has already attracted 14 doctorates in 8 different nationalities.

The International University of Monaco is very international, lectures are given in English by a faculty of 13 different nationalities, and students come from over 75 nations.

Situated on the Italian and French borders, numerous international luxury tourism and financial businesses have their headquarters in Monaco and the principality also offers advantageous tax regimes which foster the creation of new companies. Students therefore have a multitude of international career opportunities and possibilities for developing new business projects.


With the acquisition of Créa Geneva, Groupe INSEEC has enlarged its choice of Masters and Bachelor programs in artistic creation, digital marketing and luxury management.  CREA has a wide network of companies and agencies providing students with the opportunity of a “Work Study” Masters program. As of 2015, INSEEC will also develop Management, Marketing and Finance programs in Switzerland and a project in Zurich in the German speaking part of Switzerland is inevitable.

CREA Geneva, together with Sub de Pub, offers students the possibility of double diplomas in Art Industry Management. The CREA school is successfully developing certificate programs in Executive Education that are unparalleled in digital technology, offering particularly innovative programs like strategic writing.

The 2 000 m2 premises are situated in the business district of downtown Geneva. European hub, Geneva is home to big companies including Rolex, and offers students exciting job perspectives overseas or in the big multinationals, NGOs etc.


Prestigious French Luxury brand names have set up in China over the last few years and the Chinese appreciation of French expertise in this domain has been a wonderful opportunity for Groupe INSEEC. They opened Luxury Business Institute in emblematic premises in Shanghai 22nd September 2014.

The Luxury Business Institute offers Engineering and Consultancy programs to the big groups in the Luxury and Hotel Industries, and executive Education in the Wine & Spirits sector.

Groupe INSEEC will also open a career center to assist students in finding jobs and work placements in China.

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