Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Process in Groupe INSEEC

Preparing responsible future company leaders

Today we are approaching the end of an era: one in which the economy is based on the indiscriminate exploitation of naturel resources, where company organization is pyramidal, and in which sales oriented management reigns. This third industrial revolution is progressively changing the very way we live, play and work.

Groupe INSEEC, conscious of its role and responsibility as a major actor in management training and research, has decided to develop and widen its corporate social responsibility policies and actions.

We are convinced that our willingness and our own business example along with the approaches and methods we offer, will contribute to the new generation of business leaders. They will embrace socially responsible business behavior by incorporating the economical, business and environmental impact of their choices into all their decision-making processes.



A transversal and participatory commitment

By adopting a transversal and participatory vision of CSR, Groupe INSEEC adheres to the Green Plan, validated at the environmental summit "Grenelle de l’Environnement" (2009), one which most of the renowned French schools and universities respect. In light of our strong international specificity, we are also reaching higher and aiming for international approval and ranking.

Regular updating and assessment of the Group's current CSR practices and projects unifies our different campuses in their vocation to become responsible campuses. A common strategy is based on the same five point commitments:

  • To have an exemplary participative corporate governance
  • To train and raise student and staff awareness of CSR
  • To furthering knowledge of CSR through the research program and promoting responsible research
  • To reduce and control our impact on the environment
  • To develop a business policy in line with our geographical location, acknowledge diversity and fight against all forms of discrimination.