Groupe INSEEC's Institutes of Excellence

The Groupe's strategy in France and worldwide: developing dedication to excellence in specialized domains

Wine & Spirits Digital Luxury Real Estate Management
  • Domains in which France enjoys a strong and legitimate image
  • Domains in which Groupe INSEEC pertains expertise and existing programs
  • Choice of location in renowned cities highly symbolic of this dedication to excellence in specialized domains

Each institute will include:

  • Graduate and Executive Education programs
  • Research and/or think-tanks
  • Derived programs (wine tours, short sessions, certifying programs…)
  • Geographically coherent locations (France and Worldwide)
  • A large on-line offer and MOOC
  • Career orientation, specialized alumni network, business incubators.

Groupe INSEEC, leader in Wine Commerce, Marketing and Management programs for the last ten years

Bachelor programs recognized in France and worldwide:
- Bachelor Wine & Spirits Marketing
- MBA Wine Marketing and Management
- MBA Spirits Marketing and Management

In 2014, 320 students representing 18 different nationalities are currently enrolled, with a 1 150 strong alumni network working in the wine and spirits industry (+40% in overseas positions).

INSEEC Wine & Spirits Institute
INSEEC Digital Institute

Groupe INSEEC, a major player in Digital programs

Digital technology, the tools and techniques, and their continuous development have a direct impact on the business world and, in consequence, on the group's programs. Our graduates' professional success depends upon their complete mastery of this key asset.
"Digital Natives" are actively sought after in both the French and International job markets, for key line or support positions in public or private institutions and enterprises.

The group is already an important player in Digital professions by offering Digital Marketing, Digital Design and E-Commerce programs in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, London, Geneva and soon San Francisco (opening in fall 2015).
Group strategy promoted developing courses in existing schools (Sup de Pub, INSEEC Business School, MBA & MSc INSEEC, CREA) rather than opening more specifically technical schools like "Webschool".

Today there are more than 400 students enrolled in these programs, mainly at Master 1 and 2 levels, and this academic base will be strengthened and consolidated this year by grouping the different programs under the single authority of the INSEEC Digital Institute.

Luxury, a high level employment sector

The luxury industry as a whole, employs approximately 5 690 000 people, a huge 3 725 000 of whom are employed worldwide in the luxury hotel sector alone. More than half a million salespeople around the world promote the famous icons of luxury for big groups or for independent wholesalers and retailers. The United States of America dominates the sector with some 160 000 employees in luxury goods sales. Japan is in second position, followed by Italy, China and France.

According to studies carried out by the World Travel & Tourism Council in 2012, the hotel, tourism and catering sectors represented 261 million jobs around the world. This is predicted to rise to 337 million by 2023, thus creating close to 70 000 new jobs in these sectors over the next twenty years. Unfortunately the hotel, tourism and catering industries face real difficulties today in terms of recruitment. In France, 50 000 jobs in tourism remain unfilled every year even though the number of candidates continues to rise. Supply is not meeting demand, thus raising serious questions about tomorrow, in 2023 and the 70 million new positions.

Luxury, Hospitality and 'Customer Etiquette'
INSEEC Luxury Institute

INSEEC: Students’ Favorite Institution for Luxury Management Education

In 2015, over 700 students chose to study Luxury Management at INSEEC. As a result, INSEEC is -by far- the number one French Institution in Luxury Management Education.

INSEEC offers the world’s widest range of specialized programs encompassing all aspects of the luxury sector as well as topics such as Digital Luxury and Sustainable Luxury.

INSEEC Real Estate  Institute

Specialized programs in real estate management

Real estate is a dynamic sector in full recruitment: it employs over 230,000 people, including 42,000 executives, and recruits about 3,000 executives each year. The real estate sector is also an important weight in the French and global economy. For example, the set of housing expenditure is now estimated at 14% of GDP.

INSEEC Real Estate Institute brings together all the specialized initial trainings in real estate offered by Groupe INSEEC: Bachelors, MSc and MBA.