International at INSEEC

Growing International student recruitment

Foreign students* represent 13% of overall students in Management and Communication schools and 35% of all those enrolled in INSEEC MSc & MBA, International University of Monaco, INSEEC BBA International programs.

Boasting 5 foreign campuses, 200 partnerships abroad and 90 international trade fairs, every year Groupe INSEEC attracts a wide and balanced number of students from around the world.

*Not including international exchange programs (ERASMUS or double degrees).

growing international student recruitment
INSEEC Campuses in London, Monaco, Geneva, Shanghai and San Francisc

INSEEC campuses in London, Monaco, Geneva, Shanghai and soon San Francisco

Le Groupe INSEEC is developing internationally and today can proudly propose campuses in Europe, USA and Asia, more precisely in London, Monaco, Geneva and Shanghai. These campuses offer both French and International students the possibility of choosing to study for a summer or winter session, a semester or even a whole year.

Continuing this development strategy, INSEEC will be opening a new international campus soon in San Francisco.

International academic agreements

Groupe INSEEC signed its first international agreement in 1976 between the INSEEC Business School and Berkeley University, INSEEC Business School thus becoming the first French Management school to be in a partnership with this prestigious university.

From this date onwards, Groupe INSEEC has built up a powerful network of close to 200 partner universities and establishments over 4 continents, thereby offering students a marvelous opportunity to study a semester or a whole year on some of the world’s finest campuses.

INSEEC Business School and BBA INSEEC-ECE, both schools of Groupe INSEEC, of the INSEEC Group have also established double and triple degree agreements with high level international partners offering programs that span continents and cultures and reflect the diversity of the global business community.

International academic agreements
Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

Fully aware of the importance of an international profile in business, Groupe INSEEC guarantees that a part of their professional programs are taught in English. The percentage varies according to the school and the program chosen (up to 100% for full-English curriculum). A third foreign language is also proposed in some programs.

Preparation and TOEIC/TOEFL English tests are an integral part of the Groupe INSEEC Management programs: INSEEC Business School, BBA INSEEC-ECE...